Car Power Inverter 100 Watts USB Charger

Car Power Inverter 100 Watts  USB Charger
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Product Description

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It can convert DC 12V electricity provided by the automobile into AC power, and be widely used with those electric equipments which power consumption are less than 100W, such as Notebook, Cell Phone, Razor, Digital Camera, Digital Video, TV, CD, DVD, Game Machine, Cleaner, Refrigerator, Electric Light, charger and various kinds of professional tools. As the necessity for your travel, mobile office, outdoor work and special vehicle, it is the very solution to using electricity in the automobile.

This product have a USB output so you can charge your IPOD  or any USB charger device


Technical Parameter:

Input Voltage Range:               DC 11V~15V
Output Voltage Range:            AC 110V
Max. Output Power:                 100W
Continuous Output Power:     75W
Over Voltage Shutdown:         DC 15V~16V
Low Voltage Shutdown:           DC 10~10.5V
USB Output:                              DC 5V


1. This product can not be applied to DC 24V.
2. With the multiple protection circuit, it would do no harm to the equipment and automobile.
3. Special versatile socket, suitable for various kinds of plugs.

Operation Guide:

1. Insert the power plug of your electrical appliance into the socket of this product.
2. Insert the front part of this product into the cigar lighter socket of the automobile.
3. Make sure that the power indicator light is on.
4. Please pull out this product from the cigar lighter socket when you do not use this product.


1. Do not strike or give much press on the product.
2. Do not operate with the product under high temperature, moist, dusty conditions, otherwise may cause the failure or accident.
3. Exclusive use for DC 12V, do not use it with other voltage.
4. Do not operate with the product with wet hands to avoid electric shock.
5. Do not decompose or reconstruct this product.
6. Keep this away from children.
7. Keep anything out of the outer cover except the power plug, otherwise may cause
the failure or accident.

Item Includes:
1 x Red Car DC 12V to AC 110V Power Inverter USB